Sunday, November 14, 2010

Temple Groundbreaking

My mother, father, and I had a simply splendid time at the Gilbert, Arizona Temple Groundbreaking ceremony. It was very lovely and quite spiritual, even though you couldn't really see anything. There was over 5,000 people there, and I'm having no regrets about attending, except that my scalp is burned. It's only a first degree; no worries.(I just finished learning about burns and the skin malfunctions in Anatomy...quite fascinating, let me assure you.) But, I thought that perhaps I might share my reflections on the new Temple that will be completed in about 2 years. I am very excited, and terribly grateful that we will be given an even greater opportunity to attend the temple, and that it is so near us. Even though I will be close(very close) to leaving home by the time it may be finished, I fully expect to go often and do what I can as a youth. I have learned that there is nothing more sacred than a temple on earth, and I am exceedingly excited to go one day and receive the blessings that it provides. I hope everyone is doing well- sorry to take you by surprise by my spur-of-the-moment post, considering that I was not due for another 2 weeks or so. But I love you all and am excited to see some of my family for Thanksgiving. Have a great day!