Saturday, July 31, 2010

Projects # 51, 52, 53, & 54

2nd to last blog post....and I'm still not improving on my tardiness. The next blog post you will receive from me will be in about 10 days, so don't hold you're breath.
Wednesday: Went swimming and got a little burned- I stayed out longer than usual because I decided to clean the pool. Me and mom continued the sewing project, and we got pretty far. I played volleyball that night with some of the youth in my ward (I sucked) and played the Wii.
Thursday: I went for another swim (Had to clean the pool again, blasted monsoon season) and the water felt so good! I went to visit my seminary teacher again because he's awesome, and I also took a small trip to the library. I spent most of that day making my way slowly but surely through the Book of Mormon, which I have a goal to finish before the school year starts.
Friday: The swimming just felt so good, I went again. And of course, I had to clean it again, but it was worth it. Mom then insisted that we finish the apron, and so we did. It is pictured below and there is a pocket(that's the best part). I'm actually very proud of myself and it can be considered service since I already have all my Trek clothes and I intend to give it to a girl in my ward. Then I read a book that I got at the library because I had to take it back before we left. It was really depressing, and I'm just glad that women have more rights than in the 1700's.

Saturday: Oooh, today was good. Went swimming, and I didn't have a whole lot of time, so I had to make it short. Then Mom and I went to Jayne Pierson's bridal shower, which was kind of weird because I've known Jaynie forever and her getting married is just....weird. But I'm really happy for her. I felt really bad that my sister, who is best friends with her, couldn't be there, so I took some pictures. The other pictures are of my friends Caroline (whose older sister is also one of Jayne's best friends) and Rachelle (sister of the bride) and me. It was kind of strange to think that we're the next generation and it will be my turn in about.....5 years. No pressure or anything. After the shower I finished packing, and then I took a nap because I slept so badly last night. And tomorrow, I leave for Montana!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Projects # 47, 48, 49, & 50

So I'm really excited for Montana this next week. Did I mention why? Oh yes; it will be drastically cooler! I'll be glad to be able to go outside and not sweat out all the water I've drunk that day.
Friday: I went to a party. Me, I know. Actually, it was just a birthday party and I didn't stay for very long. I went with Louisa and my friend Audrey and we left after the first..mmm.. 45 minutes. Then we went and roamed the town (Redbox) and went to another wild party(My house) and had many adventures(we watched a movie). It was pretty fun. The lovely ladies with me in the picture are my friend Leah, the birthday girl, and Louisa. It was our Chemistry class....'nuff said. And my goggles are like that because they kept falling off my face.

Saturday: Unfortunately, I was sick that day. Spent most of the day in bed. Must have been all that partying. I did make dinner for the boys though. I can't even remember what it was!
Monday: Yesterday I watched a movie, and I went through this whole packing thing. Me in a nutshell: I like to be very prepared and obsessively organized. And since I'm leaving on Sunday, it was about time I arranged how I was going to travel and what I was taking, ect. That means my packing list was made and I mock packed everything. Meaning I packed everything to make sure it would fit and then unpacked most of it. Anyway, all you need to know is that it worked out. I made dinner again; chili, peaches, cornbread and lemon bars. SO good. Lemon bars are my fav.

Today: 2 weeks to school and counting today. I went and picked up my parking pass this morning. Kinda weird to think that I'm an upperclassman and I can actually say, "I remember in my freshman year...". Had piano, and since it is my last lesson for 2 months, I took all my sheet music lying around (to the frustration of my mother) and organized it into a highly effective system. Went for a swim (that felt good) and continued the sewing project. We're getting far. (That means I'm failing). The picture is of the binder I've put all the sheet music into. It turned into quite the project and I'd forgotten all the music I have.

I'll blog right before I leave for Montana and right after I get back! Have a great rest of the week!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Projects # 43, 44, 45, & 46

And you all thought I was getting so much more efficient! But I only have 19 days left of summer; how can you blame me for not being the busy blogger?
Anyway, I should probably get to the point.
Monday: Once again, I'm faced with the problem of short term memory. Ah, yes. I continued to work on the bathroom and Ben helped me paint. It's not done yet, because we haven't worked on it since then, but we will hopefully be done soon. I also hung out with my friend Caroline and it felt good to be out and about. I'll take pictures of the bathroom later.
Tuesday: I had piano that day.....and I also went to visit my Seminary teacher. He's my really good friend and it was nice to see him after such a long time. Then the family went out to get ice cream, and we watched a movie together. I think.
Wednesday: I went to a synchro meet of some of the younger girls in my ward. Ridiculously hot, but the meet did bring some good memories back of what my life used to be like and when I actually enjoyed the sport. It was a little more intense, perhaps, but still. Me and my friends went to Taco Bell and then me and Rachelle went swimming at like 9 PM. Good times. For those of you that don't know what synchro is or don't remember, that's what the picture is for.

Today: I learned how to sew today. Well, that's not true. I knew how to sew, but I have not done it for a very long time. I am making an apron for trek- I already have a couple, but I plan to give it to someone in the ward. I did that for a while, then me and mom went grocery shopping and to the library. Tonight, I plan to make dinner for the boys and go to bed soon; I don't feel the best. Also, happy birthday to my friend Leah DeSpain.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Projects # 41 & 42

So I will admit: on Friday I did just about nothing. I did make dinner for Dad and Ben (Crepes, they were delicious) but besides that, I just sat around in my pajamas all day and watched movies. And you know, I enjoyed it.
BUT! Saturday was a different story- I did quite a bit. It was time for me and Dad to seal the tile, and so we did. He taught me how to do it, and then left me to it.

I then took a little nap after the tile was done and dad woke me up later to have him help put the toilet in. So, for 2 hours, I learned the inner workings of the toilet and how to put one together. We had some false alarms, but we eventually got it to work out. And now mom is very happy.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Projects # 38, 39, & 40

What is there? 25 days left of summer? Oh heavens. I feel like summer just started. But isn't that always the way it is? So the pictures are in chronological order- the Mesa Temple, the bathroom, Ice Blocking, and the bathroom again.
On Tuesday, I went school supplies shopping. No, not clothes shopping. Well, at least it wasn't supposted to be a clothes shopping trip. That is, however, how it turned out. With some school supplies. But because Mother dearest payed, she is holding them hostage as bribe to do all my chores over the summer. Oh yeah, and I read a book.
Wednesday was a hugely busy day. Me and my friend Rachelle went to the temple to do baptisms for the dead, just because we felt like it. It was a great experience, and after baptisms, we ate in the cafateria of the temple. That was a new experience; but the food was quite good. Then we walked across the street to the Family History Center and we had a good time learning how to index. It's really cool; I was retyping a New York Census from 1910. Then I came home and worked on the bathroom, then I went to mutual, and we were Ice Blocking. Don't tell anyone, cause it's illegal. Super fun though, and it was my first time.
Today, I went to the library and had great success. I love the library; it makes me feel good inside. Then, me and Dad commenced to work on and finish the floor work in the bathroom in a mere 6 1/2 hours. So awesome. It's done now, although we are going to put sealer on tomorrow. So, wish me and Dad luck.
Oh yes: Conquer.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Projects # 33, 34, 35, 36, & 37


I was gone in Chandler for longer than expected, otherwise I would have posted sooner, but I'm home now, so we can all rejoice. Kinda sad, though, I haven't blogged in a week. Oh, the injustice! I know you're all dying. And speaking of my readers, I really do appreciate comments. Give me suggestions of stuff I could do, or tell me that I should get out more, or that I'm obviously nuts. Anything would be appreciated. I feel like I haven't heard from anyone in a long time. But now, to business. Oh, and the pictures are me boating with Syd and Amanda, and my brother with my adorable nephew Will.
Wednesday: I went on a rather unexpected boating trip with my other sisters to Bartlett Lake. I was gone from 6:30 AM to 6 PM. And I escaped with only minimal burns. It was so fun, though. And for those of you that don't know, I have this huge fear of swimming in large bodies of water, so I don't. Never swam in a lake before Wednesday, and I actually handled it pretty well, and I got in a lot. My brother Jon can testify to this because when we went to Lake Powell when I was 8, I screamed bloody murder when he forced me to get in the water and I got straight out again. I wasn't brave enough to wakeboard, but I did do the tube a couple times.
Thursday: Me and mom went to Chandler to go shopping for Advanced Vocal once again, and just for school as well. I'm sure my sister Becky will raid my closet when she stays in my room while I'm not here in August. (Yes, Becky, you can) I got some really nice dress pants and some Sunday some shoes and shirts. I had to steal hangers from my brothers room so that I could hang my clothes up. Sorry Ben.
The Rest of Thursday-Sunday: I was at my friends' house in Chandler. I've known the twins, Caitlin and Megan, for a long time, and it was nice to see them. I even went to church with them. We had great food and watched some awesome movies. Plus, their dog is in love with me, and he follows me around wherever I go. Lots of fun!
Today: I am doing laundry. And going to the library. And the gym. And going swimming. I just really need to catch up because I haven't cleaned my room in almost a week. So, I think I can keep myself busy.
Don't forget to comment!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Projects # 29, 30, 31, & 32

You don't even have to tell me that I'm a slacker. I already know. It just seems like every night when I should be blogging, I'm absolutely exhausted. Lame excuse, I know. But anyway; these past few days have been interesting.
Friday: I went on a date. Oh, don't be so surprised! I date. Anyway, I was on a date with a kid that was in my seminary class last year. It was really fun- we played tennis. And all I have to say about that is that I did get it over the net every time even if my aim was a little off. There were pictures taken, but not on my camera, so sorry.
Saturday: See, this is the problem. I put off blogging and I can't even remember what I did 3 days ago. Aha! Me and mom went shopping because I need a dress for Advanced Vocal next year. And yes, I did find something. But there will be no pictures. Then I watched a great movie(sort of weird) called Bleak House. Watch it.
Yesterday: I helped my dad remodel the upstairs bathroom. We really are getting pretty far. That's what the pictures are about. Dad and I also took a side trip to McDonald's on our way back from Home Depot, but that's not important. We then celebrated the 4th and had a nice dinner.
Today: I plan to swim and perhaps we will continue on the bathroom.
And now that you have been thoroughly bored, tune in for my next blog post which will not be for a while because I'm going to Chandler for a few days. Later, all. Have a nice week!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Projects # 26. 27, & 28

I feel gross. And I have a headache. So my post might be a little more cynical than usual.
Monday: I had an awesome day with my best friend shopping all over the place and just having the general amount of fun. What? School is coming up; I have to be prepared.
Tuesday: What I really remember about that day was talking to my sister for a really long time on Skype, and, oh yes, I got asked on a date. That'll be on Friday. Then Ben came home and we went to the midnight showing of Eclipse. And no, it was not my idea. And I'm not going to tell you what I thought about it, or what team I'm on, or even if I want to see it again, because I don't like airing my opinions on world-wide phenomenons. Anyways, I crashed that morning in my clothes.
Wednesday: Went for a nice swim, and then I went to the library. Surprise, surprise. Since me and my sister watched X-Men: Origins, I wanted to see all the others because I haven't before. So I put them on hold and I went and got them. I watched them, and I think I like them. I'll have to watch the third one before I decide. I then went to the cannery and fed 2,000 people by bagging rice. It was fun. Then Ben and I went to Chipotle. (We got a free burrito with our midnight showing tickets, pretty awesome)
Anyway, the pictures are of the bathroom, not yet completed, Ben and I at the midnight showing, my nephew Will with his parents(my brother and sister-in-law), and an old picture of me and Morgan that I forgot about. I'll try to do something constructive today; I'm pretty tired.