Friday, August 27, 2010

Life as I Know It

I have finally found time to get going again and charm you all with my Wonderful Words of Wisdom. A lot has been going on actually.....although I admit a lot of my time has been used for homework and school. It's true what they say, you know: Junior year is the hardest. Although for your information, I really like Anatomy & Physiology. And choir has turned out really well, too, albeit really tough.
This is some stuff that I've been up to lately:
  • Getting my hair cut (as you probably know)
  • Starting school 3 weeks ago
  • Reading The Hunger Games Series (If you haven't read them, do it. Now.)
  • I had an awesome Choir Retreat to Prescott, although the day before, I got the flu and had to go up late.
  • I finally got my Personal Progress and I am officially done! I have my necklace and everything!
  • We celebrated the boys' birthday and had lots of fun.
  • And Ben left home this morning, and now everything is my fault again. Sigh.
What? You want pictures? I thought so.

This was the birthday day......and what else would be doing besides trying on Daniel Boone hats?

This was part of the Choir Retreat; it's called the Yarn of Unity, and I think you can see the purpose. I'm the really short one next to the monster boy. (His name is Joe, I love him)

This picture was taken this morning before I went to school, and I have to say it doesn't do us justice. We looked way worse. (I'm kidding.)

Ahh, Ben. I think I'll miss you.
I hope everyone's doing alright! I miss you all!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A Thought

At the suggestion of my sister Lauren, I am considering continuing the blog. It's true I don't get to see the family often, but I am starting school, so it's not as if I will be blogging about what I did everyday. You would hate me. I'm thinking more like.....blogging normally. Like what everyone else does: posting about the highs and lows in my life, what I'm up to, ect. I think I might, because taking that trip to see my family made me realize how much I missed them. So, if you don't hear from me in a while, don't be too concerned. I'll try to keep updated every now and then.

And yes, my first day back at school was just fine, thank you for asking.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Projects # 55- 64

8 hours until summer is over. I'm not particularly distressed. And this is going to be my longest blog post because I've been on vacation for over a week. Oh, where to start?
(I'm not going to go into a whole lot of detail, I'll just summarize.) On Sunday, my mom, dad, and I left for Missoula, Montana. It's truly beautiful up there, and it feels so nice! And what's more, it's green!

We went boating, had great food, and the whole reason of the visit with my sister-in-law's family was to bless my nephew, William Paul. It was so wonderful. The pictures are of the blessing, which we had at the cabin.

The boating was also really fun- I only went tubing and on the jet ski, but my dad learned how to knee board, and my brother Jon is really good at water skiing. Where did I come from?

I was a little sad to leave Missoula, but we left on Wednesday for Park City, Utah. We had a blast driving down.....all 13 hours of it. But the second part of the vacation was to go to the Spackman family reunion(my mom's side). We arrived in Park City on Thursday and got to see my niece, Morgan, my sister Lauren, and my brother-in-law Erik. We all had fun at the reunion and I got to see some of my other cousins and we had fun playing games and whatnot.
My grandma with her great grandson(and my nephew!), Will, and my dad with his granddaughter(and my niece!) Morgan. I love it.
Me and my cousin Jamie. When we were little, we used to look so much like each other.
Saturday we had a lot of fun shopping at the outlets in Park City. It was an absolute zoo, but fun anyway. Me and my cousins had dinner together too. Mmmm, teryaki chicken. And Sunday, you'll never guess. I got my hair cut. I really like it and it has been feeling a lot cooler in Arizona lately. Monday, me and my mom were flying home, so on our way to the airport in Salt Lake, we went and visited my sister Lauren and my niece. Erik lives at the hospital, poor guy, so he wasn't there.

And as it turns out, we stayed and played with Will and Morgan too long, and we missed our plane! And then the next 2 flights out of Salt Lake to Phoenix were full, so we had to sit in the airport for 7.5 hours for a 9:30 PM flight. Needless to say, I missed my back to school night, which is ok. So I start school tomorrow, and I'm almost ready. I just haven't met my teachers yet. Here are some random pictures in no particular order from the trip:

Oh, and this is Morgan when we have her ice cream. She screamed when it was gone.
I love Will!

You can kinda see my haircut in this picture.....and I'm a double aunt! So proud!

Hope everyone had a great summer. This concludes this blog, and I'm really grateful to everyone who kept up with it and read it. I really felt like a had a better summer because of this. Wish me luck in school and I love you all!